The 153rd Diocesan Convention will be held virtually
October 23, 2021

In accordance with Article I of the Constitution of the Diocese of Albany, the Standing Committee has issued a Call to the 153rd Annual Convention of the Diocese of Albany to be held virtually on October 23, 2021.

The CALL TO CONVENTION 2021 (PDF) is important information.  Please read it through carefully. If you have questions, you may contact Dcn Marian Sive at or call 518-692-9550 ext 201.


Clergy Registration

Certificate of Election/Deputy Registration (To be completed by Clergy, Lay Vicar, Warden or Clerk)
Note: Please do not fill the Certificate of Election out until all your deputies are selected and you are ready to input all their information (including email addresses) You cannot fill out multiple forms for each parish. 

Diocesan Lay Leader Registration (Non voting)  To be completed by lay members of such boards as the Trustees of the Diocese, Standing Committee, and Diocesan Council who wish to participate but are not representing their parish as deputies.


Nomination Form 

Resolution Form