Canon I – The Convention

1.1 Clerical Members

On the first day of each meeting of the Convention, the Secretary of the Diocese shall give to the Convention a list of the members of the Clergy canonically resident in the Diocese, as determined by the Ecclesiastical Authority, annexing the names of their respective Churches, offices, and residences, which list shall constitute the list of clerical members for that meeting. This list shall be kept by the Secretary in the manner prescribed by the Canons of the General Convention.

1.2 Lay Members

Deputies and Alternate Deputies from the several Churches shall be elected annually by their Vestry or governing body, at a meeting duly held, or by a duly summoned meeting of the Congregation. Persons of less than full age but of the age of eighteen years or more shall be eligible to serve and vote as lay Deputies or Alternate Deputies and shall be eligible to for election or appointment to any lay office of the Diocese.

1.3 Certificate of Election

A certificate of election of Deputies and of Alternate Deputies shall be transmitted by each Church to the Secretary at least 10 days before the opening session of the Convention and shall be in the form prescribed by the Secretary. The Secretary shall transmit such form to each Church when sending out the required notice of the time and place of the annual meeting of the Convention.

1.4 Admission of a Church

A. Every Church or Congregation desiring admission into union with the Convention of the Diocese shall present a written application to the Convention and a copy of the resolution of the Vestry or governing body of the Congregation, authorizing such application. The resolution will provide that such Church shall agree to abide by, conform to, and observe the Constitution and Canons of The Episcopal Church and of the Diocese of Albany and all rules, orders, and regulations thereof. The resolutions shall be:

(I) duly certified by the presiding officer and clerk or secretary of the Vestry
or governing body, or of the meeting of the Congregation at which such
resolution was adopted;

(II) authenticated by the seal of the Church. If there be no such seal, the Clerk
or the Secretary shall so state.

B. The application for admission shall be accompanied by:

(I) a duly certified copy of the Certificate of Incorporation of the Church.

(II) satisfactory evidence that the Church has the financial ability to pay for
and continue the support of a Rector.

(III) satisfactory evidence that not less than 25 persons who are members of
such Church have for at least one year preceding such application, regularly
worshipped in the Church.

(IV) a Certificate of the Ecclesiastical Authority to the effect that the
organization of such Church or Congregation has been duly approved by the
Standing Committee and that such Church or Congregation is judged to be
duly and satisfactorily established.

C. No application for admission of a Church into union with the Convention of this Diocese shall be acted upon at any meeting of the Convention unless it has been filed with the Secretary at least thirty days before the meeting of the Convention. The Secretary shall, at least twenty days before the meeting of the Convention, deliver all such applications to the Committee on the Incorporation and Admission of Churches, which shall consider and report its recommendations to the Convention.

1.5 Secretary

A. At each annual meeting the Convention shall elect a Secretary of the Diocese who also shall be the Secretary of the Convention.

B. The Secretary may appoint one or more Assistant Secretaries to hold office at his pleasure.

C. The Secretary shall:

(I) send notice of any meeting of the Convention, to the members of the
Clergy canonically resident in the Diocese, to each Church in union with
Convention, and to others members of the Convention, at least thirty days
prior to the date of the meeting;

(II) take and preserve the minutes of the proceedings of the Convention, and
prepare and publish the Journal thereof;

(III) deliver to the Bishop all journals, files, papers, reports, and other
documents pertaining to the Convention to be filed in the Archives of the

(IV) perform other duties required by Convention, by the Canons of the
Episcopal Church, and by the Constitution, Canons, and Rules of Order of
this Diocese.

1.6 Treasurer

A. At each annual meeting, the Convention shall elect a Treasurer of the Diocese, and one or more Assistant Treasurers.

B. The Treasurer shall:

(I) receive and disburse all monies collected under the authority of the

(II) prepare and present to the Convention an annual accounting of all funds
received and disbursed;

(III) give a bond conditioned on the faithful performance of these duties, the
amount thereof to be determined by the Standing Committee and the expense
thereof to be paid from Diocesan Funds.

1.7 Chancellor

The Bishop may appoint a Chancellor and Assistant Chancellors who shall be persons learned in both ecclesiastical and secular law. The shall serve at the pleasure of the Bishop and shall counsel the Bishop in matters relating to the discharge and responsibilities of that office.

No expense shall be imposed upon the diocese for services rendered by the Chancellor or Assistant Chancellors without the consent of the Bishop and the Diocesan Council.