Canon II – Nominations

2.1 Contents of the Form

The Secretary shall send, with the notice of the meeting of the Convention, a nomination form, which shall state the offices to be filled at such Convention. The form shall also state the names of those whose terms of office expire.

2.2 Who May File

Any member of the Convention may file, prior to the meeting of the Convention, nominations for the offices to be filled at the Convention. Such nominations shall not be accepted unless the certificate of election of Lay Deputies to the Convention which includes the name or names of those making the nominations has been first filed with the Secretary.

2.3 Such Nominations:

Secretary to Furnish

(I) shall be on a nomination form furnished by the Secretary and shall be
signed by two members of the Convention.

Signatures and Consents

(II) shall contain the written consent of the nominee to serve if elected and
shall be accompanied by a biographical sketch of the nominee of not more
than one hundred words.


(III) shall be filed with the Secretary at the time specified by the Secretary.

2.4 Secretary to Act

The Secretary shall prepare and forward to the Members of the Clergy and Lay Deputies, at least ten days before the opening of the Convention, a statement of the names and biographical sketches of the persons nominated in accordance with this Canon for each office to be filled at the Convention.

2.5 Further Nominations

Further nominations may be made and seconded from the floor of the Convention.