Canon V – Deaneries and Deanery Councils

5.1 Geographic Areas

The Deaneries shall consist of those congregations in a geographic area designated by the Bishop, which designation shall be ratified by the Convention.

5.2 Dean

The Bishop shall appoint a Priest of the Deanery to be its Dean. The Dean shall represent the Bishop in the Deanery and, when requested, act for the Bishop in liturgical and pastoral matters.

5.3 Deanery Council

Each Deanery shall have a Deanery Council constituted of all members of the Clergy who are resident or have a cure in the Deanery and who are canonically resident in the Diocese, and at least one lay representative selected from each Congregation.

5.4 Purpose of the Deanery Council

Each Deanery Council shall promote the work of the Diocese in its Deanery, and through the Deanery representatives on the Diocesan Council, maintain communication between the Deanery and the Diocesan Council.

5.5 Meetings and By Laws

Each Deanery Council shall meet at least twice a year. Each Deanery Council shall adopt By-Laws, not inconsistent with the Constitution and Canons of the Diocese, which shall include provisions for the number and method of election of lay representatives to the Deanery Council, quorum requirements and method of voting on business before the Council.