Canon VII – Trustees of the Diocese

7.1 Origin

The Trustees of the Diocese of Albany are a body corporate organized and existing under the provisions of Chapter 110 of the Laws of 1876, subsequently consolidated and merged with various corporations of the Diocese of Albany, by the provisions of Chapter 188 of the Laws of 1958.

7.2 Powers

The Trustees of the Diocese of Albany shall invest, manage and. control all of the real and personal property of the Diocese, subject to the control and discretion of the Convention, except where the said Trustees hold title to and act in a fiduciary capacity with respect to such property for the benefit of an organization other than the Diocese.

7.3 Membership

The members of the corporation shall be the Bishop, who shall be President; the Bishop Coadjutor and Bishops Suffragan, if any, who shall be Vice-Presidents; and eight members elected by the Convention. At each annual meeting, the Convention shall elect two Trustees to serve for a term of four years. Thereafter, any vacancy may be filled by the remaining Trustees until the next annual meeting of the Convention, at which time a Trustee shall be elected to fill the unexpired term occurring by reason of such vacancy. No Trustee shall serve for more than two successive four-year terms.

7.4 Annual Report

The Trustees shall file an annual report with the Convention.