Christ Church – Herkimer

Location: 300 North Main St,
Herkimer, NY 13350-1949
Telephone: (315) 866-0551
Homepage: Christ Church
Western Mohawk Deanery

Herkimer, Christ Church

Christ Church, Herkimer, was established in 1839, though the parish unofficially disbanded for awhile and was re-formed in 1854. Our current church building was built in 1888. We have been part of Herkimer for much of its history and we look forward to ministering to the people of the village and beyond for many years to come.  We are a community that loves our traditions, but also wants to be creative in reaching those who need Jesus, always realizing that our first calling is to preach the Gospel and live out that Gospel by loving our neighbors and our enemies by caring for the poor, the friendless, and the hungry, and so be Christ to the world.