Church of the Ascension Episcopal School

IMG-20171202-WA000allAll Saint’s Cathedral, Albany, through the Empire Haiti Coalition supports Church of the Ascension Episcopal School in Pouly Haiti. This missionary work is called a partnership in that as a congregation we fund the teacher’s salaries and help with school supplies for the school.  The Haitian Episcopal Ascension School has 160 students, 7 teachers and a Principle.  The Principle is the Lay leader of the school and congregation. This is one of  5 schools who are supported by Episcopal Churches of the Diocese of Albany and by To Love a child non- profit organization.  All of these schools and rural parishes are under the direction of Fr. Jean Jacques Deravil, who is Priest of Holy Spirit Church in Las Cahobus.


There have been countless mission trips to this area from the Diocese of Albany to connect with the people we are partnering with.  The mission trips focus on teaching healthy practices to the students, sustainable gardens, clean water projects, bible school projects, micro loans, sewing projects, working with Daughters of the King and providing healthy lunches for kids.


Pouly schoolThe Cathedral is currently raising money to help the Ascension school build a school building because all the students meet in the church building which has limited electricity and is very over crowded.  The school does have a lunch program through World Vision that feeds all the students daily.  They receive this because of the reliable continued support of the Albany, Cathedral of All Saints.  This partnership began in 2010 shortly after the great earth quake in Haiti on January 12th that devastated Port Au Prince and many of the villages throughout Haiti.


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