Communion Across Difference Task Force Application

The Diocese of Albany Task Force on Communion Across Difference is being established to help us in the Diocese of Albany find a way to flourish side by side as fellow disciples of Jesus Christ, while recognizing deep disagreements over matters of human sexuality. The Task Force is co-led by Bishop Michael Smith and Bishop Carol Gallagher, who are creating a safe environment in which differing views can be expressed and heard. At this stage, they are recruiting a manageable number of faithful, thoughtful Episcopal clergy and parishioners who hold differing views on the canonical changes proposed at the 2022 Diocesan Convention, and who are committed to listening to one another with profound respect and charity. See the Task Force announcement at [Link] for complete details.

To ensure balance, and to identify an optimal number of people who can commit to what may, this sometimes demanding process, volunteers are asked to fill out the form below. Not all who volunteer will necessarily be invited to join at this point. The Bishops are being assisted in reviewing applications by clergy from differing viewpoints who know the diocese well.

Invita­tions to join the work of the Task Force will be sent out by the end of September. Details on participation are being worked out and will be furnished at that time. Alternates will be identified in the event that an invited volunteer cannot serve.

You may fill out the form for yourself; if you know others who can bring needed spiritual gifts and lend perspective to this dialogue, please encourage them to put themselves forward.

Your prayers and patience are urgently sought as we attempt to find a safe path forward for this unprecedented undertaking.

If you require technical support in using the form, call the Diocesan Office at 518-692-3350 x 520 and speak to Rev. Meaghan Keegan or email