Convention Special Guests

The Rt. Rev. Harold and Liz Miller, Bishop of Down and Dromore

We welcome back two old friends of the Diocese of Albany, The Rt. Rev’d Harold Miller, Bishop of the Diocese of Down and Dromore, in Northern Ireland, and his wife, Liz. Bishop Harold was born and raised in Belfast, and during the early years of the Troubles in Northern Ireland, attended Trinity College in Dublin. This time in Dublin gave him the ability to see the political situation from differing angles. During his vacations from school, he traveled to many places, including the United States and what was then Communist Czechoslovakia. During his ordination training, he studied under the famous evangelist, Michael Green. After ordination, and six years as Director of Extension Studies and Chaplain at St. John’s College in Nottingham, Bishop Harold became Chaplain at Queen’s University from 1984-1989. During his chaplaincy, he worked to influence generations of students for Christ and to find ways for reconciliation. He was also a parish rector in County Cork for eight years, during which time he was made canon of St Fin Barre’s Cathedral in Cork, and of Cloyne Cathedral, and later of St Patrick’s, the National Cathedral, in Dublin. He has been Bishop of Down and Dromore since 1997. Bishop Harold is the author of numerous publications and is involved in many projects within and beyond the Church of Ireland, including Summer Madness, an event the youth of our diocese have participated in in the past. Bishop Harold is a fascinating and engaging speaker and will be this year’s Youth Mass preacher on Sunday morning.

The Rt. Rev. Ken and Helen Clarke, retired Bishop of Kilmore Elphin & Ardagh

We welcome Bishop Ken (Fanta) and Helen Clarke who have served in churches throughout Ireland and also in Chile. They have been married for 48 years and are both parents and grandparents. Helen is a trained nurse and midwife and has served as a Counsellor with Christian Marriage counselling ministry. She also a speaker and mentor. Bishop Ken was Bishop of Kilmore Elphin and Ardagh for 12 years and served as Mission Director of SAMS UK and Ireland. He has led missions and preached at Conferences and Conventions in different parts of the world including giving the Bible Readings at the last two New Wineskins Missions Conference. They are both passionate about investing in younger leaders. For relaxation they love spending time with family, walking and reading. Bishop Ken will be giving two Plenary sessions on Saturday.

lemarquandThe Rt. Rev. Dr. Grant LeMarquand and wife, Dr. Wendy LeMarquand

Another warm welcome goes to returning Bishop Grant LeMarquand and wife, Dr. Wendy LeMarquand to another Albany Diocesan Convention. The former Bishop of the Horn of Africa, in October 2018, Bishop Lemarquand announced “with a heavy heart” that he was stepping down because of the ill-health of his wife and ministry-partner, Dr Wendy. This past February, he then accepted the position of the new Director of the Stanway Institute for World Mission and Evangelism and Professor of Mission. Dr. Erika Moore, Trinity’s Academic Dean, Director of Partnerships and Professor of Old Testament, said of Bishop LeMarquand, “Grant has a wealth and depth of experience on the global and domestic mission field. He has a deep concern and compassion for the disenfranchised, and an academic acuity and curiosity. He is a true blessing to our Trinity community.” The Diocese of Albany is so blessed to have this wonderful couple to this year’s Convention. Bishop Grant will be the Convention Eucharist preacher Saturday afternoon and Dr. Wendy will be the featured speaker at the Saturday evening Healing Service.