Dominican Republic


Since 2006 Libros Para Los Niños has provided educational assistance to thousands of students who attend Episcopal schools in the poorest areas of the Dominican Republic. The mission of Libros Para Los Niños is to provide the tools and inspiration for the best possible education for Dominican children. It is our belief that an education is the most important gift that can be given a child and the one gift that can never be taken away. Although Libros has helped other schools and learning centers in Haiti, our primary focus is with Episcopal schools in the Dominican Republic.

Since its inception, Libros has given scholarships, provided field trips to musems, purchased educational supplies and equipment, and fully equiped sciences labs. Libros Para Los Niños has purcahsed and will continue supply anything that will help teachers educate children.

¡Muchas gracias! Your support makes our service to the children of the Dominican Republic possible