Consecration Gifts

Dear Friends,

We are just about three months away from Fr. Jeremiah’s ordination and consecration as the Tenth Bishop of Albany on February 24, 2024.  Plans are well underway to celebrate and mark this auspicious event.  As we draw closer to the day, many have expressed their desire to contribute in some way to the festivities.  Soon, each parish and member of the clergy will receive a letter inviting them to contribute to the gifts that will be presented at the consecration, such as the vestments, the pectoral cross, and the episcopal ring.

With so many moving parts and numerous decisions to be made in the planning, Father Jeremiah has delegated to Mother Meaghan Keegan and Father Tom Pettigrew the responsibility of soliciting and commissioning gifts, both financial and in kind.  If you or your parish have other gift ideas, please make sure to consult with us in advance to ensure that your generosity will do the most good. Donations toward the cost of the consecration celebrations are also welcome.

If you would like to discuss donations or ask about other opportunities to contribute, please contact Mtr. Meaghan or Fr. Tom using the email provided below. Please do not reach out to Fr. Jeremiah directly.  In addition to his involvement with our Diocese, he has much to do to wrap up his ministry at his parish in Colorado Springs during the busy Advent-Christmas season and to prepare for a cross-country move with his family.

If you have any questions about gifts or opportunities to give, please contact us via email or by calling 518-692-3350.

How to donate

Checks may be mailed to:
Episcopal Diocese of Albany
Attn: Bishop Gifts
580 Burton Rd
Greenwich, NY 12834

Donate online:

Donate towards gifts

Donate towards consecration event