Profile & Search Committee Job description

The Profile and Search (P&S) Committee serves from shortly after the Call to Election to shortly before the Electing Convention. This means that its work will likely take as little as 18 months, but could take longer.

For an overview of what the P&S Committee must accomplish, please view the video at

The P&S committee will set its own schedule and agendas. With that said, given the scope of work and the timeframe for it to be completed, we feel that the expectations below are reasonable.

·        A member of the P&S Committee will need to commit a significant amount of time to meetings and outside work.

·        It would not be unreasonable to expect that the committee will meet at least monthly, but more likely will meet a couple of times per month and possibly more often.  There also may be sub-committees that are formed, which would require their own meetings.

·        Many of the meetings are likely to be in person.

·        Some overnight travel may be necessary, most likely to Christ the King Center, for meetings and a retreat. Expenses for travel and lodging will be borne or reimbursed by the Diocese for those who request it.

·        Given the growing comfort level and convenience of Zoom meetings and the geographic diversity of our diocese, we anticipate many of the meetings will be virtual.

·        One should expect a significant time commitment for research and preparation between meetings.