Recommendation Form

For Consideration of a Candidate for the 10th Bishop of Albany

The Profile and Search Committee for the 10th Bishop of Albany is now receiving recommendations of persons to consider for nomination for election to the Albany episcopate. The Profile and Search Committee welcomes recommendations of names from any baptized member of The Episcopal Church. The person you recommend will be considered by the Profile and Search Committee, which is charged with creating a slate of nominees for election. Receiving recommendations from throughout the Church is the first step in our selection process. A person may be recommended more than once by different individuals.

The person you recommend must meet the following minimum requirements as found in the Constitution and Canons of the Episcopal Church:

● Be at least thirty years of age (Article II.2)
● Be a priest in good standing, having “no impediment on account which [the priest] ought not be ordained to the Office of Bishop” (Testimonial of Election, Canon III.11.3(a)(3))
● Have “sufficiency in learning, of such soundness in the Faith, of such Godly character as to be able to exercise the Office of a Bishop to the honor of God and the edifying of the Church, and to be a wholesome example to the flock of Christ.” (Testimonial of Election, Canon III.11.3(a)(3))
● If the person you wish to recommend is already a Bishop in The Episcopal Church, they must have exercised jurisdiction as Ordinary, or as Bishop Coadjutor, or Bishop Suffragan of another diocese for at least five years preceding. (Article II.8)

A recommendation may be made by completely filling out the Recommendation Form.

Questions should be directed to: Sue Ellen Ruetsch, Chair of the Profile and Search Committee at

It is preferred that you use the below form to make your recommendation, however paper submissions will also be accepted, addressed to The Rev. Marian Sive, Episcopal Diocese of Albany, 580 Burton Road, Greenwich, New York 12834. The paper form (found here ) must be typed – not handwritten. 

The submission deadline is Saturday, November 15, 2022.