Resolution Form

155th Diocesan Convention Resolution Form

Canonical/Constitutional Amendments: In view of the Special Convention to elect a Bishop anticipated to occur in 2023, the Ecclesiastical Authority of the Diocese of Albany, exercising its authority under Canon 17 of the Diocese of Albany, has determined to confine resolutions to be taken up at Convention to those that fulfill canonical or legal requirements to enable the Diocese to continue to function between now and the next Convention (i.e. the assessment formula, budget, etc.). No resolutions pertaining to amendment or alteration of the Constitution or Canons of the diocese will be entertained at this Convention.

 Resolutions may be moved and seconded only by the deputies and members of the Diocesan Convention who are on file with the Secretary of the Diocese at the time the resolution is submitted; such deputies and members must be on the floor of Convention at the time the resolution is submitted to convention.  Each lay person wishing to move or second a resolution must be a certified (elected) Lay Deputy in the Diocese of Albany whose Certificate of Election for Convention 2023 is already on file with the Secretary by the date of the resolution.  Each Lay Deputy must indicate his/her parish and the parish’s town, next to his/her name.  Clergy do not need to indicate a parish or town.  

The deadline for submitting resolutions to the Secretary of the Convention for inclusion in the Pre-Convention Book is for him to receive them by May 8, 2023.  The requested deadline for submitting other resolutions to the Secretary for inclusion in the Convention Book is for him to receive them by May 26, 2023  Resolutions submitted after this date will not be considered.