St. Francis Computer Lab

St. Francis Mission Tech Team

These three technology volunteers have been working together for the last six months at St. Francis Mission in the West Hill neighborhood of Albany. The team began work on rehabbing a pile of old computer parts and pieces in an attempt to turn the heap into a computer classroom that will train refugees and local urban poor in basic computer skills. Progress was made and, believe it or not, a lot of fun was had. This small mission team has made huge strides. What once was a pile of parts and pieces is now a fully functioning 20-seat computer lab that would be the envy of many schools. With the hardware portion of the training lab in place, St. Francs Mission is ready to train many students!

The pile of pieces and parts transformed!
St. Francis Mission Computer Lab

But to do that, this small team of local missionaries must expand from the current three hardware specialists to include a few teachers and trainers. Are you interested in using your acquired computer knowledge to help people in need? Has God blessed you with the gift of teaching? Do you have the most basic knowledge of computer use? Are you called to help spread the Gospel by serving the needy? Is God calling you to the local mission field?

Here’s what St. Francis Mission needs:

  • People who are computer literate who would like to teach a basic computer skills class.
  • People who have a good understanding of Microsoft Word and who have a desire to help others with letter and resume writing.
  • People who have a few hours a week that they can dedicate to helping others succeed.
  • People who are called to local community missions.

Does that describe you? Is God calling you?

If you would like to get involved in this ministry or want to know more about the work of the St. Franics Mission on West Hill’s computer skills training ministry, please contact Father James Brisbin at St. David’s Church in East Greenbush at (518) 477-4536.