Canon IV – The Diocesan Council

4.1 Purpose

The Diocesan Council shall be the program agent of the Bishop and the Convention of the Diocese between meetings of the Convention

4.2 Membership

The Diocesan Council shall consist of the Bishop of the Diocese, who shall be its president, the Bishop Coadjutor and the Bishops Suffragan, if any, the Secretary of the Diocese, the Treasurer of the Diocese, and one clerical and one lay member elected by the Convention. In addition, each deanery shall have that number of clerical and lay representatives to the Diocesan Council recommended by the Bishop and ratified by the Convention.

4.3 Election and Term

The manner and time of election of deanery representatives to the Diocesan Council shall be determined by each Deanery Council. In no event, shall the election of deanery representatives be later than thirty days prior to the day designated as the first day of the next Convention. No elected member shall serve for more than three consecutive terms. The term of office shall commence upon the adjournment of the annual convention of the Diocese.

4.4 Vacancies

Vacancies in the representation of the Convention shall be filled by the Standing Committee until the next annual meeting of the Convention. Vacancies in the representation of the Deaneries shall be filled by the Dean until a successor shall be elected by the Deanery Council.

4.5 Meetings and Quorum

The Diocesan Council shall meet at least four times a year. At its meetings a quorum shall consist of a majority of its members which shall include at least one deanery representative from a majority of the Deaneries.

4.6 Duties

The Diocesan Council, in consultation with the Bishop, shall prepare and present to the Convention for its action a program and budget for the work of the Church in this Diocese for the next fiscal year commencing January first. The Diocesan Council shall make such adjustments in the budget approved by the Convention as may be required by changes in the financial resources available for these purposes, and shall further assist the Bishop in such ways as he may request.