Over 100 volunteers have traveled to Zimbabwe and Haiti with To Love a Child, Inc. since its inception in 2009.    To Love a Child (TLC) travels to Zimbabwe each year to work hand in hand with the residents on a variety of projects in the villages of Tafara, Chikandakubi and Mberengwa.  Each volunteer brings their own expertise and gifts to our mission trips that help us create and successfully complete critical projects for the residents in the areas we serve.  Projects to date include food distribution, clean water, solar power, education, health, agriculture, micro-loans, and the construction of classrooms and other buildings.  We also have the ability to respond to emergency situations like providing soap and fabric for mask making during the COVID-19 outbreak and funding the repair of wells to ensure people have water to drink while the country experiences one of the worse droughts in its history.
Presently, Zimbabwe is in the worst economic crisis in over a decade not to mention struggling with civil unrest, drought, food shortages, political conflicts and COVID-19.  People are stressed and fighting for their lives.  Your prayers are desperately needed.
For more information on our projects and how you can get involved contact:  Cindy Schmehl, To Love a Child, Inc. at:  518-859-4424 or directoratTLC@aol.com.  Updates are available at www.toloveachild.net