Two years ago, Christ church went on its first mission to Belize. Belize is a small poor country next to Mexico and Guatemala.   What we saw while we were there was the fact, they might be a poor country, but their love for God is great.

This mission came about because a daughter of a member of Christ Church in Ballston Spa started going on a mission trip to Belize.  She went back and married Alison. They have a beautiful family that is working to bring God’s word to the people of Unitedville.  God had called us to go and help Pastor Alison and Ms. Heather with their small church in Unitedville.  Since then, we have helped to turn a house into a youth center.

To teach first aid to the teachers in the school. and help in classrooms.   Done a lot of building projects. Added a poach to a small house, built beds for them and others, added 2 rooms on a house, stopped water from flowing into a house, gave money to help with floors. This year we took school supplies and gave them out to several schools. We also took medical supplies, and clothing.

During Covid-19, they used some of the money to buy chicken to give out to help the hungry. as many are not able to work.

God not only called us to use our body’s, but to also help in the spreading of the word.  Father John and Father Roy preached at services, some helped at Sunday school, we attended youth groups, women’s bible study and much more.

For more information on our mission to Belize or how you can help, contact Nancy Cairns 518-538-5946 Or Glen Face