Diocesan Prayer

August 2019 (PDF)

Daily:  For our Bishop and for cultivation of daily prayer in every disciple


1          For a strong Sunday School in every parish

2          St. John’s Church, Tannersville

3          St. John’s Church, Troy – The Rev’d Paul Carney

4          For the police, firefighters, and first responders in our communities

The Rev’d Desmond Francis

5          For all Sunday School Staff in their preparations

6          The Transfiguration of Our Lord Jesus Christ

The Rev’d Jacqueline J. Dowling

7          For students preparing to return to college

8          Grace Church, Waterford -The Rev’d Kathy Alonge-Coons, The Rev’d Denise Moore

The Rev’d Glen Michaels  

9          The Sudan, and all persecuted Christians

10        All Angels Church, Twilight Park

11        For the Healing Ministry within the Diocese

The Rev’d James Kenyon, The Rev’d Chip Strickland

12        Gloria Dei, Palenville-The Rev’d John Miller

The Rev’d Jacob Evans

13        Preparation for Parish Autumn Programming

14        The Rt. Rev’d William Love

15        Community of Saint Mary in this Diocese and Malawi

16        St. Thomas, Tupper Lake – The Rev’d William Cooper

The Rev’d John Garceau

17        The Rev’d Jill Stellman

18        St. John in the Wilderness, Copake Falls – The Very Rev’d John Thompson

19        For Ministries to College Students

20        Christ Church, Walton – The Rev’d William Wright, Sr.

The Rev’d Kathryn Boswell, The Rev’d Shane Gormley

21        For Seminarians and Diaconal Students

The Rev’d Laura Miller

22        St. Paul’s, Waddington – The Rev’d Arthur Garno

            The Rev’d Cn. Dr. Mary Chilton

23        Trinity Church, Watervliet – The Rev’d Martin Wendell, The Rev’d Candace Palumbo

24        All Saints, Hoosick – The Rev’d Gary Strubel

25        St. Paul’s Church, West Middleburgh

       The Rev’d Peter Pierson

26        Postulant and Candidate Retreat (September 6-8)

27        The Rev’d Mary “Vicky” Hunter

28        For vigor in all the Sunday Schools of the Diocese

29        Mother Miriam, CSM

30        For all Sunday School Teachers

31        The Rev’d Michael Neufeld