Diocesan Prayer

February 2020 (PDF)

Daily:  For our Bishop and for increase in disciples and Lay Leaders

1          Bishop William Love

2          The Very Rev’d Kenneth Hunter, The Rev’d Dr. Nicolas Hernandez, Jr.

3          Calvary Church, Cairo -The Rev’d John Miller

4          For the Community of St. Mary Eastern Province, Greenwich, for new vocations

5          The Rev’d Arthur Peters, The Rev’d Brenda Nickles

6          St. Michael’s, Colonie – The Rev’d Daniel Jones , Sr., The Rev’d Karen Malcolm

The Rev’d Susan Bowman

7    Calvary Church, Burnt Hills –The Rev’d Gabriel Morrow, The Rev’d Laurie Bartlett, The Rev’d Marian Sive

The Rev’d Virginia Ogden

8          The Rev’d Patricia Jones

9          St. John’s, Cohoes – The Rev’d William Hinrichs

The Rev’d Linda Wilson

10  Diocesan Commissions and Committees

The Rev’d Martin Yost

11        For tithing to be an apostolic goal for every disciple

12  St. Luke’s, Cambridge – The Rev’d Mathew Baker

13  Beaver Cross SONSHINE Retreat (February 14-17)

14  St. Christopher’s, Cobleskill – The Rev’d Dr. Ellen C. Neufeld

15  The Rev’d Cn. Matt Stromberg

16  St. George’s, Clifton Park –The Rev’d Elizabeth Papazoglakis, The Rev’d Tom Papazoglakis,  The Rev’d Maureen Demler

17        St. Mark’s Church, Hoosick Falls – Lay Vicar John Hyde

18  That every baptized person become an active disciple

19  Grace Church, Canton – The Rev’d Chuck Smith

20  St. Luke’s, Chatham – The Rev’d Brenda Nickles

21  Diocesan Council

22  Good Shepherd, Canajoharie – The Rev’d Virginia L. Ogden

The Rev’d Neal Longe

23  The Rev’d Ted McConnell

24  Preparation for the Diocesan Convention (June 5-7)

25  Christ & St. John’s, Champlain – The Rev’d Patricia Beauharnois

The Rev’d Charles Smith

26  Church of the Holy Name, Boytonville – The Rev’d James Brisbin

27  Christ the King Center – Reuben Todd, Director

28  For vocations to the priesthood and diaconate