Diocesan Prayer


October 2018 Diocesan Prayer List (PDF)
Names in italics are celebrating their birthday

Daily:  For our Bishop and for the Lord to raise up missionary minded Deacons

Judith McNutt Conference (October 19-20)

The Rev’d Marian Sive

Deacons’ Retreat (October 26-28)

3  Bishop William Love

The Very Rev’d Derik Roy

St. Francis Day, The Franciscan Orders of the Anglican Communion

Thanksgiving for the Sacraments

For the raising up of Missionaries in our Diocese 

For generosity to the poor

The Rev’d Joseph Caron

Marriage Encounter – Marilyn Irvine

The Rev’d Nancy Betz, The Rev’d Edward Dougherty, The Rev’d James Jacob

For AA and all 12 Step Groups  

The Rev’d Blair Biddle, The Rev’d Scott Evans

10 Increase of Vocations to the Priesthood and Diaconate

The Rev’d Walton Zelley

11 For a heart for the unchurched in our communities

1The Rev’d Mathew Baker

13 For a widespread use of the Daily Office among our people

14 Increase in Retreats 

The Rev’d John Hopkins, The Rev’d James Krueger

15 Priests’ Retreat (November 710)

The Rev’d Jay North

16 The Rev’d Joel Grigg

17 The Rev’d William Pearson

18 Thanksgiving for God’s mercy and love

The Rev’d John Scott, The Rev’d Mary Carol Hart

19 For a deep love of the Scriptures by all our people

20 The Rev’d Wayne Schwab, The Rev’d Julia Mudge

21 The Urban Parishes

22 Lay Readers in the Parishes of our Diocese

23 For the Sanctity of Marriage

24 For an enlightening Bible Symposium at the Cathedral of All Saints (November 3)

The Rev’d Evette Austin, The Rev’d Deborah Beach, The Rev’d Paul Hunter

25 Those who suffer from AIDS and those who minister to them

The Rev’d Lorrie Hart, The Rev’d Sue Waldron

26 For the Welcome Home Initiative (November 12-14)

27 For Persecuted Christians around the world 

28 The Rev’d Kathy Alonge-Coons, The Rev’d Karl Griswold-Kuhn

29 Women’s Cursillo (November 1618)

The Rev’d Charles Bailey

30 For all parishes to become more welcoming in Christ’s Name

31 For all Church Wardens and Vestry Members