Thank you for your interest in serving the Diocese of Albany. The following churches are in various stages of transition. If you are interested in learning more about where a church is in the process, you can contact the Diocesan Transition Minister (DTM) for the Diocese of Albany, Mtr. Elizabeth Papazoglakis through this form or by phone at 518-878-4156.

You may also review portfolios on the Office For Transition Ministry website

Procedure for application to church positions
All priests who are interested in a position within the Diocese of Albany should contact Mtr. Papazoglakis. In preparation for an interview, a priest will need to email Mtr. Papazoglakis his/her OTM portfolio, a resume, and a spiritual autobiography (no longer than 4 pages). Once that information is received, a telephone interview with Mtr. Papazoglakis will be scheduled. There is no need to send information to a parish since materials sent directly to congregations for any position are forwarded automatically to Mtr. Papazoglakis. The Bishop’s office will review all nominations prior to submission to search committees.

Current Openings