Committees & Commissions

Abuse Prevention/Safeguarding God’s Children
Fr. Michael and Marianne Gorchov

Albany Hospital Chaplain
The Rev. John L. Scott, III

The Rev. Dr. Scott Evans

Brotherhood of St. Andrew
Bob Boynton, Coordinator

Clergy Wives
Margaret Haskell

Commission on Ministry
The Rev. Susan Troiano

Committee on Church Architecture and the Arts
The Very Rev. Dr. Thomas Papazoglakis and Ralph Snell

Committee on Constitution and Canons
The Rev. Cn. Charles B. King, Jr

Community of Saint Mary
Mother Miriam

Convention Planning Committee
Carol Drummond

Daughters of the King
Jennifer Firth

Deacon Formation
The Very Rev. Dr.Thomas Papazoglakis and Sue Ellen Ruetsch

Diocesan Development Fund
The Rev. Cn. Robert Haskell

Episcopal Charities of Albany, Inc.
Lay Cn. George Marshall

The Franciscan Community of the Holy Cross

The Rev. Vicky Hunter

Salary and Benefits Committee
The Rev. William Tatem

Spiritual Direction for the Clergy
The Rev. Cn. A. William Cooper, Jr

Wilbur E. Hogg Clergy Sabbatical Fund
The Rev. Cn. Robert Haskell