September 12, 2023
Lesser Feast of John Henry Hobart Third Bishop of New York

To the Congregations, Laity, and Clergy of the Episcopal Diocese of Albany

Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ!

The special meeting of diocesan Convention to elect the Tenth Bishop of Albany convened this past Saturday and discerned the Rev. Jeremiah Williamson, Rector of Grace and Saint Stephen’s, Church, Colorado Springs, in the Diocese of Colorado, to become Bishop-Elect of the diocese and soon, by the grace of God, confirmed and consecrated the Tenth Bishop of Albany. Bishop-Elect Jeremiah received 50.91% of the clergy vote, and 74.71% of the parish vote on the fourth ballot.


The Albany Bishop Candidates’ Tour (the “ABC Tour”) will happen August 13-17.

The tour has two purposes. First, it allows candidates to see more of our vast diocese first-hand and to meet some of our people in person, as an aid to their discernment. Second, as an aid to our own discernment, it gives us a chance to interact with and observe them directly.

We wish this tour could be longer, but all of the candidates, and their spouses, are taking a week away from other pressing responsibilities. Some are travelling a great distance to be with us. The Tour is designed to optimize the use of our time together in a way that is fair to all of the candidates.


Discernment of the Tenth Bishop of Albany
Candidate Profiles
Biographical sketches, videos, and answers to essay questions formulated by the Profile & Search Committee are now available publicly for all to review here.
Everyone is encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity to get acquainted with each of the candidates at this stage in the discernment process.
Convention Deputies and Alternate Deputies elected for this year, and diocesan Clergy, are especially urged to pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit in light of this additional information.
Watch for news of the Candidate Excursion, August 13-17. Details will be announced soon!
Congregations and individuals are asked to pray daily, asking God to meet the needs of, and to grant spiritual gifts and grace to:
  • the candidates and their families; for our diocese in this time of transition;
  • the clergy and deputies of Convention who will vote;
  • Alternate Deputies who may be called to serve;
  • the officers and leadership of our diocese, as well as the many committee members and volunteers who give generously of their time and talent to plan, coordinate, and execute the multiple aspects of the discernment process;
  • our consultant, Dcn. Brian Nordwick;
  • the Presiding Bishop’s Office of Diocesan Development; and
  • our staff, whose workload has increased, and who labor gladly, yet often in obscurity, for our benefit

The Profile and Search Committee for the Tenth Bishop of Albany has reported to the Secretary of Convention with an initial list of candidates to be placed in nomination for the Tenth Bishop of Albany. To read the announcement, click the link below.

The 155th Diocesan Convention will be held virtually on June 10, 2023

In view of the prospect of a second diocesan Convention in 2023 to elect the Tenth Bishop of Albany, the Standing Committee voted to hold the regular annual Convention as a business meeting on the morning of Saturday, June 10, 2023. The format of the meeting will be on-line, but regional “satellite” centers will be designated so that clergy and parish Deputies from each parish will have the option of gathering at a location with adequate broadband internet service within reasonable travel range from their homes.


Click here for the full call to convention and other important documents