Canon XIII – Calling a Rector

13.1 – Notice and Action Required by Vestry or Bishop

When a Parish is without a Rector, the Churchwardens shall immediately notify the Bishop that a vacancy has occurred and the Vestry shall forthwith make temporary provision for the maintenance of Divine Services in such Parish. If the Vestry shall fail to make such provision within ten days from the date on which the vacancy occurs, the Bishop shall take whatever measures are required to insure that Divine Services are maintained.

13.2 – Bishop May Communicate With Vestry

The name of candidates considered for election as rector shall be submitted to the Bishop for his review and comment. No election of a Rector shall be held until the Bishop has been notified of the name of the Priest whom it is proposed to elect. The Bishop may within thirty days after receiving such notification, communicate with the Vestry on all matters relevant thereto.

13.3 – Procedure Following Election

Following compliance with Section 13.2 hereof, an election by the Vestry to fill the vacancy may be held. Written notice, signed by the Churchwardens, of the name of the Priest elected shall be served on the Bishop within five days after such election. If the Bishop is satisfied that the person elected is a duly-qualified Priest of this Church and has accepted election, the Bishop shall cause the notice of the election to be sent to the Secretary of the Convention. The notice of election shall be sufficient evidence of the relation between the Priest and the Parish.