Christ Church – Pottersville

Location: NYS Route 9
Mail: c/o John Watson, PO Box 353, Pottersville, NY 12860
Southern Adirondack Deanery

Pottersville, Christ Church

Christ Church, Pottersville: The Bishop of Michigan consecrated Christ Church  in1844. Its present location on Route 9 in Pottersville was determined as being equidistant from each of its founding families (one in Schroon  Lake and the other at Friends Lake).  The original church building burned in 1925 and was replaced the same year.  The second structure was burned in 2006 by a disturbed youth who disagreed with the teachings of our church.  The current building was erected in 2009 and received many donations from Hawaii and Alaska.  The building was destroyed in 2006 and  completely gutted, save for the cross, which remained untouched and now adorns the present structure.  Visitors are welcome to our noon Mass followed by lunch.