St. Paul’s Church – Bloomville

Bloomville, St. Paul'sPriest-in-Charge: The Rev. Laura Miller
Location: 464 River St.,
Bloomville, NY 13739
Mail: 50 Gregory Hill Rd., Bloomville, NY 13739
Telephone: (607) 510-4108
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Susquehanna Deanery

St. Paul’s, Bloomville, was built in 1906 by the Every family. This beautiful country church has always had a member of the Every family in attendance. In May 2017, St. Paul’s began construction on a new Ministry and Community Center to better serve the community. The 48×30, two-story structure behind the church, will soon house a food pantry, free clothing shop, Veteran’s center and meeting areas. These ministries will serve not only Bloomville but also the four rural hamlets surrounding Bloomville, all in Eastern Delaware County.