Mother Donna Steckline of Christ Church, Gilbertville, NY and her family, joined with a trip to Murchison Falls Park and a journey into the Rhino Refugee Camp, Uganda, where our combined CMS-Ireland and Albany team ministered last fall. Because of the unrest, South Sudanese communities have been driven from their homes and the people have sought refuge here in Northern Uganda. The Steckline family included Mtr. Donna+, Kevin, Christopher & Emily went on this recent trip.  Here is a report from their recent trip:

“We took some computers into the camp as they now have access to the internet through a fairly new community center who has satellite access and solar power. Last fall we had especially connected with Grace and Richard who are similar ages to our own children. Our intentions are that we can assist them in gaining an education to continue what they had begun back in their homeland. At this point the education offerings are minimal, but we hope to further this by supplying them with computers and hopefully other programing in the future. It was wonderful for our own grown children to meet and learn of the situation there, but to assist them with the new computers was quite exciting.

We also observed some improvements and answers to prayer in just 6 months since we were there. “The cries of the people have been heard!” Rev. Scopas said. He is a lead Pastor over 35 churches in this regional camp. Now there are 3 locations within this area camp (which has 6 sections), at which they can obtain water. They have also established a local center in their community for the provision of rations that limits the distance each person has to walk to obtain their UN rations. This is a huge answer to prayer.

Since the recent trip, communication with the locals in the camp has increased and we hope to be able to further guide them so that they can ultimately remove themselves from the refugee camps and gain livelihoods that will support their families.”
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