Diocesan Communication Update

Meaghan J, Keegan Communications Officer

It has been an honor to serve the Diocese as the Communications Officer for the past year. I wanted to share a communication department updates that I believe will enhance the way information is shared throughout the Diocese.

Streamlined Diocesan Update

Rather than simply be a bulletin board of church dinners and events my hope is the Update will be a tool to communicate major initiatives, events, and newsworthy stories happening throughout the Diocese. We will still list the parish events but my goal is to share the great things happening in the life of the parishes and the outreach you are doing in your communities. Please share stories and photos of things going on in your church so that the whole Diocese can see how God is working.

Stronger Social Media Presence

In case you haven’t done so already hop on to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and follow the Albany Diocese. When you see a post, “like it” – “share it”- the more interactions it gets the more people see it. We could potentially be reaching thousands of people and showing them how the Diocese and the people within it are sharing the love of Jesus in out community.

Parish Communication Assistance

Need help building a website? Need you bulletin refreshed? Don’t know how to use social media? Please reach out – I am here to help! We have the most important message to deliver – the message of the Good News of Jesus Christ. If you need help effectively carrying out that message – please do not hesitate to ask.