Christ Church – Deposit

Priest-in-Charge: The Rev. William Wright Sr.
Deacon: The Ven. Barbara A. Hanstine
Location: 14 Monument St,
Deposit, NY 13754-1216
Telephone: (607) 467-3031
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Susquehanna Deanery

Sunday service at 9:30am

Deposit Christ Church

Christ Church, Deposit: The organization for Christ Church began on July 12, 1860, by the Rev. Edward Andrews, but through the years that followed there were struggles to survive. The first church building was on Front Street around 1872. For the next 10 years Deposit again struggled until a revival of the church came in 1885. On June 23, 1892, the church secured a new site for the current building and laid the cornerstone of the new church. On October 12, 1893, the church was Consecrated. Around 1899, the church sold the old church and purchased a new altar, lectern, and prayer desk. In 1912, the church was closed, then re-opened in 1915 and has been open ever since.