Church of the Cross – Ticonderoga

Location: 129 Champlain Ave, Ticonderoga, NY 12883
Telephone: (518) 585-4032
Fax: (518) 543-6041
Southern Adirondack Deanery


Church of the Cross, Ticonderoga, services were held as early as 1810 but the first formal Church of the Cross building was erected in 1871.  This building was destroyed by fire in 1884, but the altar, silver communion service, tower bell, and windows were rescued.  The existing building was completed and consecrated in July, 1885. Our mission is to bring all people to unity with God, to provide a safe, loving place to worship and to love our neighbor as ourselves. The parish is a small, strong, loving, welcoming, and caring group who joyfully worship together each week. Fellowship is important to us, so each Sunday Service is followed by a brunch where parishioners continually broaden our church family relationships.