Church of the Holy Name – Boyntonville

3 Simmons Rd, Hoosick Falls, NY 12090
(518) 477-4536 or (518) 663-8265
Upper Hudson Deanery

Boyntonville, Church of the Holy Name

Church of the Holy Name, Boyntonville, was an extension of All Saint’s Hoosick established by Rev John B. Tibbits in 1867. The first public service was held on Easter, 1886.  In 1889 land was donated by Alden Crandall where the church now stands, and built in June, 1889. The first service was held September 1889.  The building was consecrated November 1898 by Bishop Doane.  Over the years we have had approximately 12+ priests and many deacons conducting services,…even the actor, Burgess Meredith.  Fr. Nelson Lundberg served the church for 30 years until his death in December 2016. Today, Fr. James Brisbin is Rector to help our church and tiny congregation continue to grow in faith and numbers.