Ayers, The Rev’d Barbara – St. Francis Mission, Albany
Bailey, The Rev’d Charles  – St. Matthew’s. Unadilla
Bailey, The Rev’d Pauline (“Polly”) – Email
Bartlett, The Rev’d Laurie – Calvary Church, Burnt Hills
Beach, The Rev’d Deborah – Christ Church, Duanesburg
Biddle, The Rev’d Blair C. – St. Paul’s Church, Keesville
Carney, The Rev’d Paul – St. John’s Church, Troy
Carpenter, The Rev’d Allen – All Saints Cathedral
Clark, The Rev’d William W.(Retired) – Mail
Crimi, The Rev’d Lynne – Christ Church, Ballston Spa
Curtis, The Rev’d Lynne – St. Luke’s, Mechanicville
DeLaura, The Rev’d Gilbert – Christ Church, Ballston Spa
Demler, The Rev’d Maureen – St. George’s Church, Clifton Park
Erickson, The Rev’d Richard P. – St. Paul’s Church, Kinderhook
Garceau, The Rev’d John E.(Retired) – Email
Groneman, The Rev’d Leslie – Christ Church, Coxsackie
Guernsey, The Rev’d Justine – St. Stephen’s Church, Delmar
Haight, The Rev’d Margaret – Email
Hanstine, The Ven. Barbara A. – Christ Church, Deposit
Hart, The Rev’d Alan R. – St. Ann’s Church, Amsterdam
Hart, The Rev’d Mary Carol – St. Ann’s Church, Amsterdam
Heighton, The Rev’d Dr. Robert – St. Stephen’s Church, Delmar
Hernandez, The Rev’d Dr. Nicolas – Email
Hubert, The Rev’d Lawrence – Christ Church, Schenectady
Hunter, The Rev’d Mary (Vicky) – St. James’ Church, Oneonta
Huth, The Ven. Dr. Harvey – St. Stephen’s Church, Delmar
Johnson, The Rev’d Patricia – St. James Church, Ausable Forks
Jones, The Rev’d Beverly R. – Emmanuel Church, Little Falls
Jones, The Rev’d Patricia – St. Stephen’s Church, Schenectady
LaVine, The Rev’d Patricia I. – Zion Church, Colton
Littlejohn, The Rev’d Richard – St. Paul’s Church, Waddington

Lofman, The Rev. Donald – St. Matthew’s Church, Latham

Lukas, The Rev’d. Randolph – Church of Our Savior – Lebanon Springs
Malcom, The Rev’d. Karen – St. Michael’s Church, Colonie & Oaks of Righteousness, Troy
McDarby, The Rev’d Mark D. – St. Mark’s Church, Philmont
McGowan, The Rev’d Sandra – St. Francis Mission, Albany
Miller, The Rev’d Laura – St. Paul’s Church, Bloomville

Mitchell, The Rev Barbara – St. James’ Church, Lake George

Moore, The Rev’d Denise – Grace Church, Waterford & St. Peter’s by the Lake, Fourth LakeEmail
Moser, The Rev’d Albert E. – Christ Church, Ballston Spa
Norman, The Rev’d Gary – Zion Church, Morris

Palumbo, The Rev. Candace – Trinity Church, Watervliet

Pearson, The Rev’d William – Christ Church, Ballston Spa
Plaske, The Rev’d Susan – All Saints Cathedral, Albany
 Plock, The Rev. Walter “Wally – St. Augustine’s, Ilion
Rockwell, The Rev’d Raymond – St. Andrew’s Church, Scotia
Rosenblum, The Rev’d Nancy J. (Retired) – Email
Servetas, The Rev’d Linda – Email
Sive, The Rev’d Marian – Calvary Church, Burnt Hills
Skramstad, The Rev’d Dawn M. – St. Mary’s, Lake Luzerne
Smith, The Rev’d Howard – Christ Church, Schenectady
Smith, The Rev’d Lora – Trinity Church, Potsdam
Steuer, The Rev’d Lawrence W.(Retired) – Email
Tatem, The Rev. Sandra L. – (Retired) – Email
Tatem, The Rev. William A. (Retired) – Email
Tatlock, The Rev’d Alan R.(Retired) – Email
Teetz, The Rev. Margaret – Christ Church, Schenectady
Theodore, The Rev’d Margaret B. – Trinity Church, Potsdam
Thomas, The Rev’d Micki Ann – St. Paul’s Church,  Greenwich
Thurber, The Rev’d Lorraine – Email
Todaro, The Rev’d Alicia – St. Paul’s Church, Troy
Truscott, The Rev’d Nancy – St. John’s Church, Delhi & St. Peter’s, Hobart
Underhill, The Rev’d Scott – St. George’s Clifton Park – Email
Van Dermark, The Rev’d Roy – St. Paul’s Church, Sidney
Wallner, The Rev’d Dr. Ludwig – Email
Wilkes, The Rev’d Hugh E.(Retired) – Email
Williams, The Rev’d Mildred (Retired)
Wright, The Rev’d William – Christ Church, Walton

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