St. Augustine’s Church – Ilion

Location: 78 Second St,
Ilion, NY 13357-0118
Telephone: 315-895-0363
Cell: 680-322-1034
Homepage: St. Augustine’s Church
Western Mohawk Deanery

St. Augustine’s, Ilion:  Organized religion came to Ilion in 1832.  It was the Methodists. Episcopalians began Services in 1867 and in 1869 asked Bishop Doane to send a priest.  That same year, the Parish of St Augustine incorporated, called a rector, and held its first Service in the new church for the Christmas Eucharist. In 1886 financial difficulties caused the parish to revert to mission status and the building was not consecrated until 1898. By 1906 there was new life and a new church was built in 1922. Two rectors went on to become bishops:  Fr J.D. Morrison (Duluth); and Fr S.M. Griswold (Chicago).  Presently St Augustine’s is in a period of renewal.