St. Matthew’s Church, Unadilla

Deacon: The Rev. Charles Bailey

Location: 240 Main St.
Mail: Box 537, Unadilla, NY 13849-0537
Telephone: (607) 369-3081
Fax: (607) 369-5932
Homepage: St. Matthew’s Online
Susquehanna Deanery

Sunday Service

Unadilla 20170402

St. Matthew’s, Unadilla, was organized November 1, 1809. We were the first church organization in the town, and the first house of worship. Our early organization was greatly influenced by the Reverend Daniel Nash, who held services in our building for many years. A family sized church, we remain Biblically conservative and believe the words of the Apostles and Nicene Creeds. Our worship music is a blend of traditional and contemporary. St. Matthew’s maintains a strong dedication for outreach, both on the world and local levels, and host a weekly lunch for the community. 2017 faced us with a large challenge to repair our church’s steeple, and are seeking grants and personal donations to reach our goal in 2018.