St. Peter’s Church – Fourth Lake

Fourth Lake, St. Peter's by the LakePriest-in-Charge: The Very Rev. Neal Longe
Deacon: The Rev. Denise Moore
Location: 4800 State Rte 28,
Eagle Bay, NY
Mailing Address: PO Box 111, Eagle Bay, NY 13331-0111
Telephone: (315) 338-4083
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Homepage: St. Peter’s Fourth Lake Online
Western Mohawk Deanery

St. Peter’s by the Lake, Fourth Lake, was dedicated July 29, 1905 by Bishop Doane, and the chapel was accessible only by foot or by boat until 1926 when State Route 28 was built.  The adjacent Clergy Lodge was built in 1912.  The 100th anniversary was celebrated with the Reverend George Greene, retired rector of St. Augustine’s Church, Ilion, and longtime caretaker of the property.  The longstanding tradition of sharing this summer chapel with clergy families continues today.  The chapel is open for worship from the last Sunday of June through Labor Day weekend.  Our mission is to worship the Lord in the beauty of his creation.