Movie Night – Oct 18

Please join us for movie night at St Luke’s Church on Oct. 18th at 7pm! Located at 4 St. Luke’s Place in Cambridge.  We will be watching The Pilgrim’s Progress. Refreshments of popcorn and drinks will be available. A donation is suggested but not required. Below is a selection of comments from the movie review of

The Pilgrim’s Progress is an animated adaptation of the same-named 1678 book, which is an allegory of Christian faith. The story uses a man’s journey to a far-off “celestial kingdom” to represent the journey from sin to salvation. The movie’s ultimate message is that any journey ending in faith is worthwhile.

The story centers on Christian Pilgrim (voiced by Ben Price). Christian travels from his hometown, the “City of Destruction” (in other words, the human world), to the “Celestial City” (i.e., Heaven) after he chances upon a particular book that sounds a lot like the Bible. Leaving his family behind, Christian passes through many terrible obstacles and meets lots of frightening individuals, all intent on stopping him from reaching his final destination. The big question is will he find the place he seeks, a land of utter contentment and happiness where he can experience the “fullness of joy in the presence of the king”?

The recommended age is 8+ because there are several scenes that are violent enough to scare young or sensitive viewers. The movie is 108 minutes long and rated PG.