Update from Maridi

Dear Patti,

 I just wanted to confirm to you that the funds forwarded to CMSI for Maridi Diocese have been discussed with Bishop Moses and sent in the amounts that he requested for use now. He is very grateful for this generous gift from Albany Diocese, and I am sure he has passed on his thanks to you personally by now.

Bishop Moses has received the following from your gift: $3000 for repairs to the Dining Piyot and Kitchen which were destroyed in the wildfires, and $2500 for food supplies and tarpaulins for families impacted who had not yet received any relief assistance. He asked me to reserve the remainder in case of any extra requests coming from the families when he visits them. The funds are reserved for Maridi until such a time as the Bishop requests them.

Please add our thanks to Bishop Moses’ thanks when you are passing them along to the Diocese. I am sure you will receive photos from Bishop Moses, of the new Piyot and the visit to families when they happen, but if not, I assure you I will forward them to you.

 With many thanks

Linda Abwa
Partnership Coordinator