Joint Statement from the Diocese of Down and Dromore and the Diocese of Albany

Dear Fellow Disciples,
Bishop McClay and the leadership of the EDOA have reached this decision prior to our recent Diocesan Convention. Below is our announcement to bring to a close our 20 year formal link. We offer thanksgiving for the many blessed ways God has brought us together. Together we embrace all God is and will be doing to bless our lives and ministry.
In Christ’s peace –
Mother Katherine Alonge-Coons
EDOA Standing Committee President
Joint Statement from the Diocese of Down and Dromore in the
Church of Ireland and the Diocese of Albany, New York
Our Dioceses have enjoyed a joint link for over twenty years. This is quite remarkable as most other similar links do not continue for such a long period of time. Our link has brought many benefits and blessings to both dioceses over the years. Life-long friendships have been forged. These life-long friendships will continue into the future, but the time has come in both dioceses to bring the formal aspect of this diocesan link to an end. This will enable both dioceses to pursue new partnerships that will enable them to meet their respective missional and ministry challenges for the next season.
We give thanks for all that has been achieved through our diocesan link in years past and pray God’s richest blessing upon each other as we move forward.
Bishop David McClay                                                      
On behalf of the Diocese of Down & Dromore
Mtr. Kathy Alonge-Coons
On behalf of the Diocese of Albany