Abbott, The Rev. Dr. Samuel B.(Retired) – Email
Adams, The Rev. John T.(Retired) – Email
Adinolfi, The Rev. Jerry (Retired) – Email
Alonge-Coons, The Rev. Katherine G., – Grace Church, WaterfordEmail
Arnold, The Rev. Dr. Donna J. – St. Stephen’s Church, SchuylervilleEmail
Austin, The Rev. Evette – Email
Bailey, The Rev. Gregory – Trinity Church, Gouverneur – Email
, The Rev. Brock – Email
Baker, The Rev’d Matthew – St. Luke’s Church, CambridgeEmail
Baker, The Rev. Paul E.(Retired) – Email
Baker-Borjeson, The Rev. Susan (Retired) – Email
Ballert, The Rev. Irving F. Jr.(Retired) – Email
Bartle, The Rev. Dr. John Dixon (Retired)
Beauharnois, The Rev’d Patricia – Christ & St. John’s Church, ChamplainEmail
Beaulac, The Very Rev. David – St. Mary’s Church, Lake LuzerneEmail
Belton, The Rev. ColinSt. Sacrement Church, Bolton Landing – Email
Bennett, Denise H.  – Email
Berger, The Rev. Jere S. (Retired)
Betz, The Rev. Nancy – Email
Bissell-Thompson, The. Rev Geraldine (Retired)
Bocchino, James R.  – Email
Boston, The Rev. Dane – Christ Church, CooperstownEmail
Boswell, The Rev. Kathryn – St. Phillips’s Church, Norwood –  Email
Bowers, The Rev. Wayne (Retired)
Bowman, The Rev. Susan B.(Retired) – Email
Brisbin, The Rev’d James –  Church of the Holy Name, BoyntonvilleEmail
Brown, The Venerable Dr. Christopher A. – Trinity Church, PotsdamEmail
Cairns, The Rev’d John – Adirondack MissionEmail
Caldwell, The Rev. Edward F. (Retired)
Caron, The Rev. Dr. Joseph A., II (Retired) – Email
Chesnut, The Rev’d Mark – Diocesan Healing MinistryEmail
Chilton, The Rev. Dr. Canon Mary (Retired) – Email
Clarke, The Rev. James M. (Retired)
Clayton, The Rev.  Dr. Paul B. (Retired) – Email
Clemmons, The Rev. Geraldine (Retired) – Email
Cooper, The Rev. Canon A. William, Jr. (Retired) – St. Thomas Church, Tupper Lake  &  St. John in the Wilderness, Paul Smith’s (Summer) – Email
Cosentino, The Rev. Eric (Retired) – Email
Curtin, The Rev. Anne F. – Email
Curtis, The Rev. Frederick L. (Retired) – Email
Dennis, The Rev. Fredrick H. (Retired) – Email
DeVaty, The Rev. Jean M. – St. James’ Church, Lake GeorgeEmail
Diebel, The Rev. Mark H. – Christ Church, GreenvilleEmail
Donahue, The Rev. Canon Ray L. (Retired)
Dowling, The Rev. Jacqueline –  Email
Dugger, The Rev. Canon Clinton G. (Retired) – Email
Duraikannu, The Rev. Dr. Yesupatham – Email
Evans, The Rev’d Jacob – St. Matthew’s Church, LathamEmail
Evans, The Rev. Paul F. –  (Retired) Bethesda Church, Saratoga SpringsEmail
Evans, The Rev’d Scott – All Saints Church, Round LakeEmail
Famulare, The Rev. Joseph A. – Email
Felty, The Rev. Rose Ann – Email
Ferguson, The Rev. Fred-Munro (Retired) – Email
Fiebke, The Rev. Edward J. (Retired)
Francis, The Rev. Desmond C. – Trinity Church, LansingburgEmail
Garno, The Rev’d Arthur – St. Paul’s Church, Waddington – Email
Garno, The Rev. Scott – St. Stephen’s Church, DelmarEmail
Garramone, The Rev. Laurie – St. John’s Church, JohnstownEmail
George-Hacker, The Rev. Dr. Nina – Email
Gerber, The Rev. Ronald D. (Retired)
Goff, The Rev’d Nancy – Adirondack MissionEmail
Gorchov, The Rev. Michael I. – St. Paul’s Church, TroyEmail
Gormley, The Rev. Shane Patrick – Email
Graham, The Rev. Robert L., III (Retired) – Email
Greene, The Rev. George B. (Retired) – Email
Grennen, The Rev. Kyle  – Grace Church – Cherry ValleySt. Mary’s Church – Springfield CenterEmail
Grigg, The Rev. Joel T. – St. John’s, OgdensburgEmail
Griswold-Kuhn, The Rev. Karl – Church of the Messiah, Glens FallsEmail
Gwinn, The Rev. Thomas W. (Retired) – Email
Hacker, The Rev. Craig – St. John’s Church, EssexEmail
Haig, The Rev. David W. – St. Luke’s Church, Mechanicville Email
Harding, The Ven. Dr. Leander – All Saints Cathedral, AlbanyEmail
Harrison, The Rev. Ronald E. (Retired) – Email
Hart, The Rev. Lorraine M. – Email
Hart, The Rev. Stephen A. – Email
Hartt, The Rev. Paul J. –  St. Peter’s, Albany – Email
Haskell, The Rev. Canon Robert F. (Retired) – Email  Canon to the Ordinary
Heiligman, The Rev. Sally – (Retired) Grace Church, MohawkEmail
Henry, The Rev. John W., II (Retired)
Herzog, The Rt. Rev. Daniel (Retired Bishop of Albany) – St. Augustine’s Church, IlionEmail
Hinrichs, The Rev. William R. (Retired) – St. John’s Church, CohoesEmail
Hopkins, The Rev. John (Retired) – Email
Hunter, The Rev. Christina – Oaks of Righteousness, TroyEmail
Hunter, The Very Rev. Kenneth – St. James’ Church – OneontaEmail
Hunter, The Rev. Paul – Oaks of Righteousness, TroyEmail
Jacob, The Rev. Dr. James N.  – Email
Jenkins, The Rev. David P. (Retired)
Jones, The Rev’d Daniel L., Sr. – St. Michael’s Church, ColonieEmail
Jones, The Rev. Michael S. (Retired) – Email
Jones, The Rev. N. Bradley – Christ Church, SchenectadyEmail
Kelly, The Rev. Christopher (Retired) – Email
Kenyon, The Rev. James H.B. (Retired) – Email
Kettlewell, The Rev. John M. (Retired) – Email
Kin, The Rev’d Nancy – Church of the Redeemer, Rensselaer  – Email
King, The Rev. Canon Charles B., Jr. (Retired) – Email
Kriss, The Rev. Dr. Gary W. (Retired) St. Paul’s Church, SalemEmail
Krueger, The Rev’d James –  St. James’ Church, Lake Delaware Email
LaCombe, The Rev. Edgar A., III (Retired) – Christ Church, MorristownEmail
Lehmann, The Rev. Richard B. – Zion Church, Hudson FallsEmail
Lewis, The Rev. C. Robert (Retired)
Limpert, The Rev. Canon Robert H., Jr. (Retired) St. Hubert’s Church, Lake PleasantEmail
Lockwood, The Rev. Frank, II – Christ Church – CoxsackieChurch of Our Saviour – Lebanon SpringsEmail
Longe, The Very Rev. Neal – St. Anne’s Church, Amsterdam  – Email
Love, The Rt. Rev William H.  – Bishop of AlbanyEmail
Malionek, The Rev’d. Judith – St. Paul’s, AlbanyEmail
Malionek, The Rev. Thomas – St. Paul’s Church, KinderhookEmail
Mason, The Rev. Bruce E. – Email
McConnell, The Rev. Theodore A. (Retired)
McDonald, The Rev. James R. – St. Stephen’s Church, SchenectadyEmail
McMillan, The Very Rev. J. Nixon – St. Paul’s, AlbanyEmail
McPartlin, The Rev. Julia (Retired) – Email
Michaels, The Rev. Glen F. – All Souls Church  – Keene ValleyEmail
Miller, The Rev. John E. – Calvary Church, Cairo & Gloria Dei Church, Palenville, NY Email
Mojallali, The Rev. Darius – St. John’s Church – Delhi  &  St. Peter’s Church – HobartEmail
Monica, The Rev. Teri – Email
Montgomery, The Rev. Ian (Retired) – Email
Morgan, The Rev. Barbara J. (Retired)
Morrison, The Rev. Alistair – Christ Church, DuanesburgEmail
Morrow, The Rev. Gabriel – Calvary Church, Burnt HillsEmail
Mudge, The Rev. Hannah – Email
Mudge, The Rev. Julia – Email
Mudge, The Rev. Dr. Shaw, Jr. – Email
Nagle, The Rev. George – Email
Neufeld, The Rev. Ellen C. – St. Christopher’s Church, CobleskillEmail
Neufeld, The Rev. Michael J. – St. Andrew’s Church, ScotiaEmail
Nickles, The Rev’d Brenda – St. Luke’s Church, ChathamEmail
North, The Rev. Joseph “Jay” – Email
O’Donnell, The Rev. Dr. Michael – St. John’s Church, OgdensburgEmail
Ogden, The Rev. Virginia L. Church of the Good Shepherd, CanajoharieEmail
Ousley, The Very Rev. David K. – St. Eustace, Lake PlacidEmail
Papazoglakis, The Rev. Elizabeth – St. George’s, Clifton ParkEmail
Papazoglakis, The Rev. Tom – St. George’s, Clifton ParkEmail
Peters, The Rev. Art – Trinity Church, Granville & Trinity Church, WhitehallEmail
Pettigrew, The Rev. Thomas J. – Church of the Holy Cross, WarrensburgEmail
Peyton, The Rev. Allen – Email
Pierson, The Rev. Peter (Retired) – Email
Quinby, The Rev. Congreve H. (Retired) – Email
Reddie, The Rev. G. Tyrone – Email
Reed, The Rev. Harold V. – Email
Rivera-Georgescu, The Rev’d Ana – Email
Rogers, The Rev. George M., III – Email
Rogers, The Rev. Marcus B. – Email
Roy, The Very Rev. Derik J.H., Jr. – Christ Church, Ballston SpaEmail
Scarcia, The Rev. Dr. Steven A. – Emmanuel Church, Little Falls Email
Scarff, The Rev’d Stephen
Scherck, The Rev. Steven – St. Boniface’s Church, GuilderlandEmail
Schlossberg, The Rev. Stephen – St. John’s Church, TroyEmail
Schofield, The Rev. Peter (Retired) – Christ Church, SchenectadyEmail
Schulenberg, The Rev. Michael – Retired – Email
Schwab, The Rev. A Wayne (Retired) – Email
Scott, The Rev. John L., III (Retired) – Email  Hospital Chaplain of the Capital District
Scott, The Rev. Keith E. (Retired) – St. Andrew’s AlbanyEmail
Serra-Lima, The Rev. Dr. Federico (Retired) – Email
Servetas, The Rev. Nickolas, Jr. (Retired) – Email
Shank, The Rev. Michael J. (Retired) – St. Margaret’s Church, Margaretville & St. Mary’s Church, DownsvilleEmail
Shaw, The Rev. Margaret E. – (Retired)  Email
Smith, The Rev’d Aidan – Email
Smith, The Rev. Charles S. – Grace Church, CantonEmail
Smith, The Rev. Christoper A. (Retired) – Email
Sowan, The Rev. Michael G. (Retired) – Email
Springer, The Rev. David R. (Retired)
Steckline, The Rev’d Donna – Christ Church, GilbertsvilleEmail
Stellman, The Rev. Jill – Christ Church, Herkimer & St. John’s Church, Richfield SpringsEmail
Strickland, The Rev. William – St. Paul’s, GreenwichEmail
Stromberg, The Rev’d Matthew – St. George’s Church, SchenectadyEmail
Strubel, The Rev. Gary – All Saints Church, HoosickEmail
Sullivan, The Rev. David – Church of the Good Shepherd, ElizabethtownEmail
Thompson, The Very Rev. John P. – St. John in the Wilderness, Copake FallsEmail
Vang, The Very Rev. Marshall J. (Retired) – Bethesda Church, Saratoga SpringsEmail
Waldron, The Rev. Susan – St. Peter’s, AlbanyEmail
Webber, The Rev. Michael (Retired) – Email
Weglarz, The Rev. Eileen – Christ Church, HudsonEmail
Wendell, The Rev. Martin P. (Retired) – Trinity Church, WatervlietEmail
Wheeler, The Rev. William (Retired)
White, The Rev. Mary R. – St. Andrew’s Church, AlbanyEmail
Williams, The Rev. Persis (Retired)
Wilson, The Rev. Linda (Retired)
Witt, The Rev. Robert E., Jr. (Retired) – Email
Yost, The Rev. Martin – St. Luke’s Church, CatskillEmail
Zelley, The Rev. E. Walton, Jr. (Retired) – Email
Zimmerman, The Rev. John P. (Retired) – Email